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Categories: Property Management

Owning property is one of the greatest achievements in life. However, handling all the issues in regards to the property can be quite a hassle. You do not have to handle all the issues by yourself. This is where a property manager comes in handy to save you the hassle. In case you are wondering how the manager will help you, this is why you should hire a property manager for your property.

Occupation of the property

The property manager will always ensure the vacant premises are occupied in time. This allows the owner to have continuous revenue streams. The manager will push for listing and do follow-ups to ensure the property is adequately marketed for it to be occupied within the shortest time possible. This also includes his availability to show the property to potential tenants when the tenants are available which could be during the weekends.

Screening of tenants

house keysThis is also another major role the manager plays. The manager will ensure that the tenant renting your premises is credit worthy so that you will not have a hard time getting rent from them. They will also follow up to ensure they have positive references from the previous landlord. The manager will also verify the tenant’s wages or salary among other things that will be pointers to a good tenant.

Responding to maintenance issues

Maintenance has to be done on a property whether it is old or new. The manger’s work will be to find out about the maintenance issue and call on the technical experts to handle the problem. It could be a plumbing issue, a leaking roof, or broken panes among others. He acts as an intermediary between the problem and a solution. Hiring a manager who has technical skills like plumbing and knowledge of electrical work is essential here as they will handle the problem without necessarily looking for the experts to do it.

Rent collection

This is among the major roles of the manager. The manager will ensure that the rent is paid on time. If necessary he will have to come up with strict measures against late payments to ensure the owner gets their money on time as well. The manager also ensures that no tenant vacates the premises with outstanding debts including unpaid utility bills.

Handling eviction

Sometimes things get out of proportion, and an eviction is inevitable. The property manager will save you the hassle of dealing with eviction orders. However, they should have good knowledge of the law regarding eviction so that they don’t end up adding you more costs regarding legal battles should a client complain how the eviction was handled.

Freedom and peace of mind for the property owner

property Having a manager handle all the tenant issues will surely give one a piece of mind. Your work will be waiting for the reports from the manager and waiting for funds at the end of the month. It gives one peace of mind as they can do other things besides handling the property. This also applies to property that is located very far from the owner. They do not have to come all the way to find out what is happening. They have to rely on the property manager to handle everything.