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Security screen doors are becoming a common feature in many homes. The role of a security screen door is to offer additional security to the home while at the same time maintaining beauty. Apart from keeping burglars away, security screen doors are also important in keeping pests and insects away from home. Before buying a security screen door, there are various factors that you should consider to make sure that you get the right door for your home. There are a variety of designs and materials available for modern security screen doors.

Selecting a security screen door

Your home needs

The needs of your home will determine the type of screen door that you buy. If you have pets in your home, then consider buying a door that is pet-friendly. You can always talk to your door supply and get advice on the type of door that will be ideal for you. The amount of light that you want will also determine the size of the door screen. There are people who prefer opaque screen doors while others prefer two-way screens. The choice always comes down to what you need as a home.

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The type of frame

Just like any other doors, security screen doors come with a frame. You can choose between the three main types of frames that are available today. For instance, we have metal frames made from aluminum and these are the most expensive. We have wooden frames which need a lot of care, and we also have vinyl frames. Always choose a frame that will compliment your overall home design.

Screen fabric

The screen fabric is also made of different materials, and you have the freedom to choose the type of material that you want. The most common types of materials that we have today are the fiber and glass material. Each of them has its advantages, and you should weigh your options and determine the ideal material for you.

Screen fabric


When it comes to design, you can allow your imagination to run wild and choose the type of screen door that you want. You can always find a unique design that will bring out your personality. It is fine to buy a door from your local supplier, but you can later add your design to make the door as unique as possible.